"Experience the best Thai dishes with fresh ingredients everyday! Located in Siam Paragon, we are excited to provide you with an amazing dining experience " Our experienced chefs focus on the cultural diversity of Thai food from all regions of the country. And offering delicious, fresh food every day. Our staff are very experienced And sincere in service Ready to give a special experience for our customers to experience the modern And enjoy eating in style While we maintain the beautiful traditional culture of Thai food We also aim to add a touch of modernity to our food offerings. In our feelings The added modernity can help create a more enjoyable dining experience. From a friendly feeling of comfort And feel comfortable like eating at home The shop aims to provide full service. Full of food And various beverages Every food item on the menu is prepared using ingredients. Or the best quality raw materials Which the raw materials will be delivered to the shop freshly According to the favorable season Which gives importance to this matter Is the key to our success for a long time. And we will continue to maintain this standard Another highlight is Our 5 meter high square bar is the most modern and stylish decoration. To serve customers And the people passing by Which customers can order food from the express menu at the desired bar. At this point, we feel that it is another important factor that helps facilitate the customers And also helps customers feel relaxed Also able to escape from the crowded noise of some people